Scarbat Basic Line

The Scarbat Basic Line beach cleaner is specially built to remove algae or raise sargassum easily and comfortably. The front head adapts to the type of seaweed to be collected and allows working at high speed.

Thanks to its double filter system, it also allows lifting the sargassum to return the sand to the beach, even when it is stuck to the algae due to its humidity. This process is carried out inside the machine, starting with the mobile pick-up and continuing the screening mesh.

Its front roller can rotate in both directions and adjust to different heights, so the UNICORN Scarbat Basic Line algae and sargassum cleaning machine can also work perfectly like any other beach cleaner when you want to clean a beach at a time when there are trash without algae. Also, its mesh can rotate in both directions and at different speeds, thus adapting the cleaning rate to the conditions of the beach and sand.



Chassis: Steel with anti-corrosive treatment.

Dimensions: 6,470mm long x 1230mm high x 1280mm wide.

Surface paint: PVC protection

Mesh: Triangular interlaced carbon steel of high resistance and 23mm light.

Tires: 500/50 17 ”

Bearings: Sealed and protected from the abrasive action of the sand.



Traction type: tractor pulling power

Tractor type: 80-100HP 4×4 tractor

PTO: 540rpm

Hydraulic group: typical of the tractor

Illuminated: road lights



Cleaning system: Mobile front roller, Screening mesh, Rear hopper and Smoothing

Cleaning depth: 0 to 30cm

Hopper capacity: 2.5m3 hydraulically dischargeable at 2.5m from the ground.

Recommended speed: from 5 to 12km / h depending on the degree of humidity of the sand

Vibration: triple central vibrating roller

Airborne noise emitted: less than LWA = 70 dBA

Distributor group: allows regulation of the mesh and feeder