Agromak 5F

The SEGUES AGROMAK 5F “super land cultivator” is the most complete soil working implement in the market, the 5 functions implement. The AGROMAK 5F allows, in only one pass, to open the soil, crush, mix, level and compact the soil, leaving it ready for the sowing.

• Two sides share and wings
• From 72 to 80 cm available space under frame
• Two tines lines
• 1 opposed discs line
• Reinforced tubular frame
• Quick hitch to the tractor’s hydraulic
• Quick hitch bar as standard
• Rust-proof and high quality prime and paint
• Smoother rear bar roller
• NO-STOP Tines
  • Power:75 to 300 hp
  • Tines:5 to 15
  • Working width:2.500 mm to 6.000 mm
  • Transport width:2.500 to 4.600 mm