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Maquinaria Agrícola Segués S.L. from here on the Company.

All the contents in the Company’s web site – Included without limitations, texts, , graphs, logotypes, , button icons, images, audio and software files, etc. – are property of the company, or the Company owner society, or the customers or the purveyors and are protected by the national and international laws concerning to the intellectual and industrial property. The compilation ( understood as the gathering, ordering and assembly) of the entire web content is property of the company and is protected by the national and international laws concerning to the intellectual and industrial property. All the software used in the web is property of the company or its software purveyors and it’s protected under the national and international laws concerning to the intellectual and industrial property.

It’s absolutely forbidden any kind of web contents use, included the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission and publishing, exhibition, or representation, totally or partially without the Company or its purveyors consent.

The company and other products denominations, services, graphics and logotypes are company’s trademarks. The denomination of other products, services and companies appointed in this document can be trademarks of their owners.

The reproduction, modification, copy, use, distribution, market, public communication or any other kind of use of the information from the Company web site (included the own design and the web showing method) done without the company authorisation is an offence of the current intellectual property laws.

The company reserves itself the right to change, limit or cancel the access and the web contents at any time and it doesn’t assume any responsibility about the update. The company reserve also the right to perform modifications in the web configuration and appearance and can execute this right at any moment without previous advice.

The access as the use to the web contents is done always under the exclusive responsibility of the user and the company won’t take responsibility on any consequence or damages coming from this use. The company can’t guarantee that the information, text, graphics, links or any other content in the web are exact or complete and specially excludes any kind of responsibility coming from the contents and commercial services from directly or indirectly linked webs.

To make easier the access, it could be possible that the Company attach links to webs owned or managed by others. When going to these sites, the terms and conditions of the web have to be checked and accepted. It has to be accepted also that the Company doesn’t have any control on these sites contents and consequently, can’t assume any responsibility on the content made or published by the external sites. And the links to others sites don’t mean that the Company approve it and neither the referred products or services.

The fact that the Company web refer products, brands, services, trade names, manufacturers, suppliers, etc… owned by others don’t mean it sponsorship or suggestion by any of the organizations in the Company’s group.

The company excludes and decline any responsibility coming from the data transmission between users by Internet and can’t take any responsibility in technical problems or mechanical fails in the computers produced during the connection to the net, as if it’s done by the Company site or by others sites.

The Company is not responsible of virus with origin in a telematics transmission inserted by third persons (as example the word processors macros, ActiveX software or Java Applets), made with the aim of obtaining negative results in a computing system.

The information in this web exclusively has informative nature and in any case can become a contract concerning the company.

The Company web content is applicable exclusively in Spanish territory.

The Company guarantee the strictly confidentiality of the web users personal details. The given details will be stored in a database managed under the Company exclusively responsibility, created to provide an easy use of the services provided by the company as to can inform them about products and services those could be interesting for them. According to the Spanish law “Lei Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre de protección de datos de carácter personal “, the user can exercise the rights related to the access, rectification or cancellation given by this law at any moment or against the cession of these details to the Company database by sending an E-mail to: segues@seguessl.com

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